Thematic Portfolios

Pre-configured portfolios powered by A.I. based investment insights

Our pre-built, ready-to-deploy thematic portfolios employ the latest alternative data analytics and can supplement any investment offering.

Explore a wide array of pre-built algorithmic strategies varied by asset type and investment style.

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Thematic Portfolios

Risk Parity

Risk Parity is a conservative, long only strategy that follows a risk parity (RP) approach known to be used by Bridgewater's All Weather Fund, Ray Dalio's flagship product.

Dow Adaptive

The model's goal is to pick the most bullish stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average with the expectation that they will outperform the average within the next 21 days.

ESG Adaptive

The long-only model portfolio is predicted on a pre-qualified set of ESG friendly constituents from the Russell 1000 and the S&P 500. The portfolio combines the sentiment of the E, the S, and the G.

News Feed Sentiment Adaptive

The model invests in stocks from the Russell 1000 index based on Benzinga’s real-time financial news feed.

Neuravest Multi-Strat Fund

The Neuravest Multi-Strat Fund is a long/short, US Large Cap portfolio designed to dynamically adjust allocations based on the cyclicality of major sectors or themes in the US economy.

Improved performance and a quick time-to market

Asset managers across the globe are challenged to outperform their benchmarks.

Traditional fundamental analysis using common data sources and techniques results in an increasing difficulty to outperform.

We help to create a competitive advantage by bringing together adaptive AI, alternative data sets and new ideas that set you apart from the competition.

Investing in our technology with confidence

We are putting our own money to work by deploying capital within our thematic portfolios to showcase their performance in real-time and provide full transparency into how the underlying portfolios perform with real capital in live market conditions.

Neuravest tailors ESG portfolios to your values and risk mandate

Through our strategic data partnerships, we can deliver a portfolio unique to your firm – focused on specific dynamics such as carbon emissions and alignment with temperature goals, employee satisfaction, workplace safety, board diversity, human rights — or all of the above.