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Using AI to Uncover Signals in Corporate Event Data

Wall Street Horizon’s forward-looking corporate event data feeds provide financial services professionals with clear and reliable views of potentially market-moving developments. In response to analysts, portfolio managers, traders and chief investment officers becoming more quant-savvy, Wall Street Horizon leveraged the Neuravest Data Analytics Services (DAS) platform to validate the predictive nature of its corporate events


adaptive investment
To Thrive in a Changing Landscape, Asset Managers Must Embrace an Entirely New Investment Paradigm: Adaptive Management

Seth MerrinExecutive Chairman, Neuravest It’s no secret that recent years have seen a rapid proliferation of data, especially alternative data. Between 2010 and 2020, the amount of data created, copied, captured and consumed increased by 5,000% (according to Forbes). In the investment management space, this means firms have an unprecedented amount of information to leverage


Finding Treasure In Corporate Earnings Reports: An Algorithmic Approach to Fundamental Research

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Lucena Research Traditionally, analysis of corporate earnings reports such as 10K and 10Q has been a task for the fundamental researcher. Hedge fund managers, research analysts and finance experts would normally wait impatiently for corporate filings and eagerly read through such reports in order to answer two fundamental questions: