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A New Opportunity for Investment Managers

Portfolio managers are increasingly looking to enhance their investment strategies with data science, Artificial Intelligence, and predictive analytics.

Our solution provides asset managers with an easily accessible way to apply alternative data and machine learning for the investment research process.

How We Do It

We’ve built competitive investment solutions for all kinds of asset management powered by our Data Refinery and the latest in machine learning.

We create and manage algorithmically-traded model portfolios backed by alternative data.

The Neuravest platform supports a wide array of asset management with a broad spectrum of investment styles and risk mandates.

Institutional Investors looking to enhance their existing portfolios.

Emerging Fund Managers building a comprehensive investment offering.

Pensions and Endowments in need of diversifying their investment mix.

Family Offices seeking to utilize our alternative data gateway.

Data analysis to drive both top-down and bottom-up investment decisions

The Neuravest platform not only constructs macro- and micro-driven model portfolios to meet investment objectives, but also dynamically determines the optimal fund allocation across uncorrelated portfolios.

We do the big (data) lifting so you don’t have to

Neuravest brings to market investment strategies that can save our clients time and money.


The Neuravest platform has been refined over many years to provide our data science and quantitative teams with methods for developing new strategies. We scientifically validate each investment strategy before risking capital through in-sample and out-of-sample testing as well as forward testing.

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