Adaptive AI Investment

Alternative data is the fuel. Machine learning is the engine. Differentiated strategies are the result.

We generate differentiated investment strategies

Asset managers today are seeking a new way to invest, one that combines human intellect, predictive alternative data, artificial intelligence-driven analysis and algorithmic trading execution.

Introducing our new ESG Climate Pledge Portflios

Invest easy with Adaptive AI Investment Management.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Investment Management uses AI technologies and alternative data as an extension of an asset manager’s capabilities. It combines human intellect with algorithmic portfolio construction and optimization, leveraging real-time adoption to changes in market regime.

How does it work?

First, asset managers define their investment approach and objectives. Next, Neuravest automates their approach with code and defines a validation baseline. Subsequently, Neuravest improves on such baseline by incorporating algorithmic portfolio construction, asset allocation and automated trade execution, all predicated on multi-factor models. Our machine learning technology continuously adapts the strategy to ever-changing market conditions and empirical success.

adaptive ai management
adaptive ai management

What are the benefits?

Investment professionals are looking for technological innovations in order to create scientifically validated offerings. By deploying sophisticated alternative data validation combined with advanced Adaptive AI technology they too can differentiate themselves from the traditional passive or active investment.

Neuravest’s platform embodies years of experience and AI capabilities geared to efficiently bring compelling investment offerings to market. By combining multiple  market-ready portfolios we can conform to any investment mandate while still aiming to achieve a performance boost and diversification.

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Machine Learning

Finding Treasure in ESG Data

An Algorithmic Approach to Impact Investing Erez Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Neuravest Research Inc Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing has been the talk of the town for some time, and the boom is only going to continue. Over $100 trillion of assets under management are today committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), while over a fifth of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies have pledged to meet net-zero targets, as sustainability shapes global markets in the 21st century. Naturally, astute asset managers have been quick to adapt and channel market interest towards new investment offerings such as ETFs, Indexes, and thematic portfolios. Unfortunately, many have been so wrapped up in the “Investment for Good ” paradigm that they have forgotten to recognize the conventional foundation of a sound investment. Generating profit!


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